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Laban Leirana

How long have you been a guide?
5 years

Where are you a guide?
Ol Malo

Have you guided anywhere else?
No, I started with the Francombe family, and am still with them. I grew up in this area so my life is here.

What is your favourite spot to see wildlife?
Ol Malo's 'Ol Donyo Lotim (Baboon rock), the top provides a 360 degrees view, you can see miles into the wild north, with the fabulous Verreaux's eagles (my favorite) soaring below you.

What is your most memorable guiding moment?
Oh, I have had so many amazing moments. I was once walking with guests along the Ewaso Nyiro River when we bumped into a pride of lions. The lions growled running in all directions, Samwel was in the front brandishing his gun and the guests were with me close behind him sweating and speechless. It was very funny; they said their knees wanted to collapse. When a lion growls close to you it is so loud it makes your insides shake.

What is your favourite animal to see and why?
I love all animals but the African hunting Dog or the painted wolf is an amazing animal – Their hunting strategy is like a organized military attack – they form a semi circle with the two lead dogs chasing and the rest running alongside to pen the prey in. We have watched them a lot on foot here so we have learnt a lot about them.

If you could teach your guests one thing, what would it be?
To observe the rules of the wilderness, by being quiet, patient and wearing the right clothing and not pink 'I LOVE NYC' tee shirts.

What is the one thing your guests may not know about being a guide?
That a guide must have a broad range of knowledge not only on wildlife but also on economics, development, history, geography and other cultures.

Visit Ol Malo and let Laban show you why this is such a special place.

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