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Mark and Chloe Sheridan Johnson

How long have you been a host/hostess?
Mark 6 years, Chloe 5 years

Where are you a host/hostess?
Lukula Selous

Where were you born?
Mark - Tanzania, Chloe – UK

What have you done before becoming a host/hostess?
Mark - Guiding course in South Africa, Chloe - Finished studying, then volunteering work in Tanzania

What is your favourite spot to see wildlife?
Mark - Ruaha National Park, Chloe - Selous Game Reserve

What is your most memorable hosting moment and why?
Mark - In Ruaha while having evening drinks we heard the alarm call of some bush hyraxes, all of us went over to have a look and we saw a whole family standing on their hind legs having a standoff with two black mambas, the standoff lasted for 15 minutes, neither side backing down, eventually the hyraxes chased away the black mambas.

Chloe - In Selous during dinner a young male lion walked in front of our dining banda, 2 meters from our table, everyone suddenly lost their appetites as they had something a lot larger and more exciting to digest!

What is the best part of your job and why?
Mark - Guiding because I get pleasure from interpreting the bush.

Chloe - Working in a wild environment, working with different cultures, everyday is different which makes the job more interesting.

If you could tell your guests one thing about your property, what would it be?
Expect the unexpected

What is the one thing your guests may not know about being a host/hostess?
What goes on behind the scenes to make their safari experiences the best possible.

Come to Lukula Selous Camp to meet Mark, Chloe and the rest of the team.

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