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Jeremy Bastard, Katie Rowe

How long have you been a guide?
Three years as a profession.

Where are you a guide?
Sarara Camp, Namunyak, in the Mathews Range

Have you guided anywhere else?
Yes, we have hosted and guided all over Kenya as freelance guides for luxury mobile safari operators.

What is your favourite spot to see wildlife?
The Mathews Range, although the wildlife numbers in this area are not as numerous and tame as in the national parks and reserves, it is much wilder and way more rewarding to encounter.

What is your most memorable guiding moment?
Too many to choose from! Coming across an unknown wild dog den whilst on foot, bumping into a big bull elephant on narrow mountain path.

What is your favourite animal to see and why?
Elephant. Their intelligence, social networks, feeding habits and general size amaze guests. One could sit and watch a herd of elephant for hours and be fascinated by what they do and how they do it. The way that they fit into the natural cycle of an ecosystem is also interesting in that although they are destructive, if given their own space they constructively support a whole host of other live around them.

If you could teach your guests one thing, what would it be?
That everything in nature has a place in the wellbeing of the greater ecosystem. Hence, the balance can be thrown off by the extraction of even the smallest organisms.

Visit Sarara Camp and let Jeremy and Katie take you on a walking safari and show you why this is such a special place.

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