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Daniel Kasoo

How long have you been a guide?
Six years

Where are you a guide?
Lewa Safari Camp

Have you guided anywhere else?

What is your favourite spot to see wildlife?
The Lewa Conversancy as there is less commotion and vehicles and plenty of wildlife, scenery, plants and rivers.

What is your most memorable guiding moment?
On a game drive when the three cheetah brothers caught a baby zebra. The mother at first ran away but she came back in a few minutes together with a stallion and they chased away the cheetah. There was a huge confrontation, the stallion trying to bite them, the mother kicking them with her hide legs but the baby zebra was helpless and unable to regain consciousness. After five more minutes the mother and the stallion gave up. Unfortunately, it was not a good day for the baby zebra as it was on the cheetahs menu but it was an amazing event to watch.

What is your favourite animal to see and why?
I like black rhinos as they look prehistoric and some times they may charge and ask questions later!

If you could teach your guests one thing, what would it be?
Wildlife is fun to watch - don’t just take picture and leave, spend some time as you watch, you might see some of the things that you didn’t expect. Things like a mating couple or there might be an animal giving birth, or there might be predators around. As well, your guide will be giving you some fact about the animal which will give you another reason to look.

What is the one thing your guests may not know about being a guide?
They might not know that we are having fun and enjoying things as much as they are. It’s just fun!

Visit Lewa Safari Camp and let Daniel show you why he finds this such a special place.

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